Snow Storm Leads to Canceled Flights and Power Outages

Sophia Acuna, Author

A snowstorm that hit the southeastern United States has led to hundreds of canceled flights and thousands of power outages. North Carolina was hit the hardest, with about 144,00 households left in the dark without power. Without heat in homes to withstand the brutal snowstorm, 15 emergency shelters were opened for residents across the state.

24 inches of snow covered the Appalachian Mountains region–a record-breaking number. Although the worst is over, there is still the possibility that more could come. Meterologist Pedram Javaheri says that snow showers could continue until Monday.

The storm is so dangerous that it has caused at least 672 car crashes and 3 deaths in North Carolina. Virginia, South Carolina, and Texas were also affected by the storm. But thankfully, if you’re planning on going out of state for winter break, the roads will be cleared by then.