NAHS Holiday Pottery Sale


Amanda Swank, Editor-in-Chief

Carrying on the tradition from last years, South Carroll’s National Art Honor’s Society will be hosting their holiday pottery and art sale. The sale will take place in the fine arts lobby, before and during the Chorus concert from 6 to 8pm.

Bowls are available for $10

“The money from the sale will go to end of the year scholarships for seniors, I’m hoping to have more than one scholarship,” states Ms. Fritts, the teacher who runs NAHS. “And also to hopefully putting more artwork around the school. I think we are looking to painting bathroom stalls in the spring.”


Necklaces will be available for $5

When inquired about her hopes for the sale, Ms. Fritts responds, “I hope that a lot of students will buy pieces at lunch, and that will be like a small part of art traveling throughout the school. All different student body groups will be representing artwork made from NAHS, which is one way we can spread the arts around the school.”

All items have been made by the students of NAHS and there are plenty of items to sell! Handmade mugs, bowls, necklaces, and plant holders are available. Custom calendars, made by NAHS member Logan Daytner are filled with artwork or photography made by the members.

These plant holders and phone stands are available for $10 each

Leftover items will be for sale in the cafeteria from this Tuesday to Friday.