Christmas Traditions at SC

Jasmine Adetunji, Author

Students at South Carroll are counting down the days until winter break is finally here. Students all around the school have many different traditions that they follow every year during this season. Here are some of them from your fellow Cavaliers:

Every Christmas Eve, Evelyn Martinez and her family go to another family member’s house to celebrate. They stay up all night in preparation for the following day. When the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Day, they all open their presents.

Limtarh & Karine Ngong start Christmas Eve in church. On Christmas Day, they go over to their uncle’s house and cook all day to prepare for the huge party to be held that night. When the evening comes, the Ngong’s uncle has every one of their family members at his house to celebrate Christmas. This consists of food, music, and a gift exchange in which the family loves to record the reactions of.

Every year, Amanda McDermott has a Secret Santa gift exchange with her cousins, where they also play White Elephant. This results in a lot of funny and bad gifts that they all get a laugh from.

Sadie Burkhardt and her family have a tradition of baking every year and David Nicely has a similar tradition in which him and his family bake a ton of cookies on Christmas Eve.

Kyle Schultz is excited to follow the tradition of going out to get a Christmas tree every year.

Ever since Hailey Kirkendall was young, she would always leave cookies out for Santa, and she still continues this tradition with pride.

Lastly, Faith Hawkins has a tradition with her family in which they all make ornaments for their Christmas tree on the 23rd of December and then they hang them up on the tree on the night before Christmas.

If you don’t have any traditions with your family for Christmas, hopefully these students have given you some ideas for some you can start up.