18 Things SC Learned in 2018

Jasmine Adetunji, Author

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We learn many things in a year. We are constantly changing and evolving and the things that we learn in the span of a year help up to grow and become better people. 18 students at South Carroll were asked one thing that they learned this year. Here are there answers:

(1) “I learned more about myself and who I am this year.” – Kiera Cherney

(2) “Progress is not linear.” – Amanda Swank

(3) Amanda McDermott learned that life is better when you are surrounded by good friends.

(4) “I want to further my education and go to college.” -David Nicely

(5) “I learned that the Firefox logo has an actual fox on it.” – Aidan Moffat

(6) “School lunched have the best meatloaf.” -Dylan Graham

(7) “Cytokinesis.” -Nick Krach

(8) “I learned that you don’t need anyone but yourself” -Sadie Burkhardt

(9) “Taco Bell is the best fast food restaurant.” -Faith Hawkins

(10) “Everything happens for a reason.” -Amani Adetunji

(11) “Practice makes performance.” -Limtarh Ngong

(12) “Take time for yourself.” -Carmen Behelo

(13) “I learned about how wonderful audiobooks are.” -Jasmine Adetunji

(14) “Get yourself some real friends.” -Karine Ngong

(15) “I learned who my real friends are” – Madi Slaughter

(16) “Everything happens for a reason.” -Kennedy Evans

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