20 New Year’s Resolutions

Jasmine Adetunji, Author

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(1) Stop procrastinating.

Procrastination is a common practice of a lot of students and it does nothing positive for you. Stressing out at the last minute is never fun, so try to discipline yourself into ending procrastination.

(2) Read more books.

A lot of people aren’t aware of the wonders of a good book. If you can’t sit and read for long periods of time, try an audiobook. There are so many great books out there waiting to be read.

(3) Get organized.

This is a great resolution for students, particularly juniors and seniors. Your upperclassmen years are the ones that typically tend to be the most work heavy. Getting organized will help to set you up for success. As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

(4) Learn a new language.

There are thousands of languages in this world that we are so unaware of. Though English is a dominant language and you may not even need to know another language in your life, it is definitely good for your brain and can help you in certain situations where you may need it. Though here at South Carroll all students are required to take two foreign language classes, most don’t actually pursue learning to communicate in it. Pick up some more Spanish, French, or another language of your choice.

(5) Start saving money.

Typically around the holidays, we are running our banking accounts dry shopping for gifts and spending money when we go out. It is a great resolution to put some money aside or learn to reduce the unnecessary money that is being spent so that it can go towards more important things that we desire.

(6) Participate in charity work.

It’s never a bad idea to give back. Sometimes we forget that there are so many people who are less fortunate and don’t have as much as we do. You can do simple things such as donate clothes or non-perishable food or you can participate in some sort of volunteer program.

(7) Travel to a new place.

If you have the resources, try to go to a new place. Whether that be a new city, state, or country, try to get out of your town and explore new places. This helps to meet new people and become more cultured about the Earth.

(8) Face one of your fears.

We all have fears, whether that be public speaking or of talking to your crush. Try to get out of your comfort zone and face at least one of your fears this upcoming year.

(9) Start a journal.

Journaling and getting your feelings out onto paper is very good for your mental health. Sometimes we don’t have anyone to vent to about our problems, so journaling can serve as a type of therapy. Most people journal at night in order to reflect upon the day that they just went through.

(10) Take better care of your skin.

Your skin is a very important part of your health. If you find that you have breakouts often and don’t do much for it, take a trip to your local drug store and pick up a few skin care products. Whether it’s 10 steps or 3, try to figure out a routine that keeps your skin at its best.

(11) Spend less time on your phone.

As young people, we are always on our phones. The way technology has advanced when it comes to phones can be seen as a positive or a negative. Reducing the amount of time you spend on social media can reduce stress and anxiety. Go live your life and spend less time scrolling through someone else’s.

(12) Get more sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important things for your help, but also one of the most underrated. Everyone knows that you are supposed to try and get your eight hours every night, but most don’t seem to do it. Getting more sleep will help to improve your mood and boost your energy.

(13) Try to improve your grades.

It’s always a good idea to set goals for yourself when it comes to schoolwork. If you usually get A’s and B’s, try to go for straight A’s. If you usually get some C’s, try to turn them into B’s. Setting goals for the kinds of grades you want to get will help to increase motivation for getting schoolwork done.

(14) Stop judging people.

We all can be judgmental at times and sometimes don’t even notice. Try to catch yourself when you are judging people and remind yourself that you can only control how you live your own life.

(15) Be more spontaneous.

Life doesn’t have to be so planned all the time. Grab a friend and go for a hike or take a painting class. Do something in the spur of the moment. Obviously, don’t do anything that will put you in harm’s way, but live in the moment and be adventurous.

(16) Try to be more positive.

There are no bad consequences of having more positive thoughts. Positivity will make you happier internally and it will make you glow from within.. It’s easy to complain about our inconveniences or things that we lack, but attempting to see the bright side of things will boost your mood.

(17) Drink more water.

We all hear it. We know we are supposed to get our 8 cups a day, but still don’t do it. Water is an essential part of life, and drinking the proper amount of water a day will reap various benefits.

(18) Make your bed every day.

Making your bed automatically makes your room look so much cleaner than it actually is. It can also prevent you from getting back in it once you wake up. If you don’t do anything the whole day, at least you will know that you can come home to a nicely made bed.

(19) Eat more mindfully.

Mindful eating habits have many benefits. Eating well will make you feel lighter and more energized throughout your day. Try to decrease the amount of sugar, sodium, and dairy that you are eating and you will notice a difference in how you feel.

(20) Be more active.

Some people hate to go to the gym, so try and find something that you like to do that makes you actually get up off of the couch. Try a Zumba class or go swimming. You don’t have to be on a treadmill to get good exercise. Being active also helps to produce endorphins that will make you feel happier.

Hopefully you got an idea or two of something that you want to do in 2019. Sometimes we can be intimidated by getting enough exercise or trying to better in school, but holding yourself accountable will help you to finally reach your goals this upcoming year.