Cavs Favorite Parts of 2018!

Faith Hawkins, Author

Many things have happened in 2018, this year was full of major events such as The Royal Wedding or the Winter Games. I’m sure almost everyone has one thing that they can remember as their favorite thing from this year. At South Carroll we asked many students what they will their favorite thing that happened to them in 2018 to remember what good this year has brought us.

Let’s see what students had to say:

“I went to my first concert ever! I saw Luke Bryan with my friends, we danced all night and only stopped when our feet got so tired and sore we had to” – Kayla Cox, Grade 12

“I got my first job this year. I work at Arby’s it has really helped me grow up, I now know the value of spending saving money.” – Chris Curtis, Grade 11

“My favorite part of this year is that its one more year closer to graduating” – Laura Ratti, Grade 12

“I loved playing with my cats this year.” – Lilly Cooper, Grade 12

“Playing field hockey with friends.” – Ruby Fipps, Grade 9

“Starting my new job at Laurienzo’s and meeting my best friend.” – Khyla Aguire, Grade 11

Going to prom and dancing all night long.” – Jordan Cooper, Grade 12

“Meeting new people and finding my real friends.” – Hannah Eytchison, Grade 12

“It ending.”- Danny Capprotti, Grade 9

“My vacation in Florida with my family.” – Mrs. Franklin

“Getting third pair of sweatpants.”- Dylan Graham, Grade 12

“Playing Brawl stars.”- Carson Scott, Grade 12

“Playing Football and starting high school XD.” – Ryan Peak, Grade 9

2019 will be a new year full of new and great memories. Its exciting to look forward and start fresh with new resolutions. Try to make this year better than the last!