Tiny, But Life – Changing, Things To Try In 2019

David Nicely, Author

These tips and tricks might make your life a little easier in the New Year.




1). According to sleep experts, waking up at the same time every day — yes, even on weekends — will help you sleep better: rather than sleeping in late on weekends, experts recommend getting up at your usual time, then taking an afternoon nap if you need one. This helps your body maintain a healthy sleep routine the entire week.

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2). Make lists of things you’ve been putting off: then slowly start working through them, rewarding yourself a little as you go. Getting your to-do list out of your mind and onto paper will make each task feel more manageable.

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3). Find a hobby that you can do with your hands: whether it’s pottery, knitting, bread making, or doing puzzles, using your hands to create something is an excellent feeling and great way to spend a little less time mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

4). Practice giving compliments: it could be something as small as commenting on how neat your coworker’s handwriting is or complimenting a friend’s new key-chain. It’s nice to be nice, and when you start actively looking for things to compliment people on, you’ll likely notice just how many wonderful things you’re surrounded by each day.
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5). If you want to change your perspective on your to-do list, tell yourself that you “get” to do things, which allows you to view tasks and events as opportunities, not all obstacles: it’ll boost your feelings of gratitude (which is great for your mental health). Example: “I have to meet my friends tonight.” Instead use: “I get to see my friends tonight.”