The Beginning of Facebook

Deana Brown, Author

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Many people today still use Facebook to share their thoughts and everyday plans with their friends and people from across the world.  Here is how the idea of Facebook came to life.

Mark Zuckerberg was a Sophomore in college at Harvard University.  In 2003 he launched a website called “Facemash” which was pretty much a kind of Hot or Not styled website.  He hacked the school administration’s dormitory ID files and used the photos of his classmates for the site.  In the first hour of Facemash being up, it got 22,000 page views and 450 people.  A few days later, Harvard had the site taken down for copyright and security concerns.  Zuckerberg faces the consequences of his actions but was still aloud to attend the school.

On February 4th, 2004 Zuckerberg launched “theFacebook.”  Six days later, Zuckerberg made an agreement with three Harvard seniors saying that he would build a site with their ideas.  This site eventually became Facebook.  After a few months, Facebook’s team put together the sites first ad sales pitch.  In mid 2004, Zuckerberg hired Napster cofounder Sean Parker to be Facebook’s first president.  In June, 2004 Facebook set up a small office in Palo Alto, California and got their first outside funding from Paypal.  Facebook continued to grow rapidly.  By 2014, Facebook reached over 1.23 billion people.

Mark Zuckerberg says “It may be big now, but it came from the humble origins of my Harvard dorm room.”

Facebook now has 1.74 billion users.  The number of users increases 21% each year since 2014.