Best Childhood Shows

Faith Hawkins, Author

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As we get older we seem to miss the shows we used to watch more and more. These shows brought us so much joy when we were little and something that will never be forgotten by some students. The shows we watched growing up are completely different with the ones airing today. I know I was not the only one who adored my childhood shows so here is a throwback for you too!

Kim Possible : A teenage girl hero who fights villains and is always accompanied by her friend and his naked mole rat. (2002)

Sister Sister Twins were separated at birth but find each other in their teens. (1994)

Boy Meets World Young boy in the Mathews family grows up and faces problems with life. (1993)

Suite life of  Zack and Cody: Adventures of twins who live in a hotel. (2005)

That’s So Raven: Teenage girl receives psychic visions and as she tries to make them come true she lands herself in hilarious situations. (2003)

Even Stevens Family: A wacky family named the Stevens family living in Sacramento. (1999)

Lizzy McGuire: A teenage girl and her two friends go through the typical high school experience they deal with embarrassment and boys. (2001)

The Proud Family: The Proud family and their many adventures. (2001)

Full House: A man’s brother in law and childhood friend move in to help him raise his three daughters after his wife passes away. (1987)

Zoey 101: A drama filled TV series with a teenage girl and her friends that go to a boarding school named PSA. (2005)

 Drake and JoshTwo teenage boys become stepbrothers, they are complete opposites which leads to arguments and pranks. (2004)

The Powderpuff Girls: Three girls with super powers save the world from evil monsters. (1998)

Johnny Bravo: Egomaniac blond has many adventures. (1997)

Ed,Ed,and Eddy: Three friends, one name and constantly get into mischief. (1999)

This list shows some of the many childhood shows we may have watched as a kid. But what are students at SC’s favorite Childhood shows?

Trent Brauer says his favorite show was Spongebob because it always made him laugh and sometimes he still watches it today.

Suite Life on Deck a spin off of the show Suite Life of Zach and Cody is Aidan Moffat’s favorite childhood show. He liked this show because he as able to enjoy this show for a couple more years after Suite Life of Zack and Cody had ended.

Sadie Burkhardt says her favorite show was Hannah Montana  because she loved her music and loved the plot line of having a double life.

These shows are cheesy,hilarious and innocent that let us reminisce our childhood. Try finding time to download or buy your favorite childhood tv series to embrace your inner child.