10 Ways to Stay Warm in Winter

Sophia Acuna, Author

It’s January, which means that we’re well into winter. It’s hard to stay warm in such cold weather, especially if you’re waiting for the school bus early in the morning or stuck in a class with no heating for an hour and a half. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the cold.

10. Bundle up

This is one that might seem pretty obvious, but people tend to skip. Scarves, coats, hats, and gloves are all ways to stay warm.

9. Heated blanket

Blankets are already warm enough, but heated blankets keep you even toastier on those cold days.

8. Drink something warm

Drinking something hot, like hot cocoa, can warm up your entire body, or you can put your hands around the mug to stay warm.

7. Stay active

You don’t have to do a full workout–something as simple as cleaning around the house can keep your body warm.

6. Add wool to your wardrobe

Wool clothing not only keeps you warm, but it even retains heat when it’s wet, so you can still be cozy on snowy days.

5. Be prepared for the weather

Before you head out in the morning, make sure you check the weather forecast so you know you won’t be underdressed for the day.

4. Leave the blinds open

Opening the blinds or curtains during the day allows sunlight in, warming up a room.

3. Eat carbs

Good news for people who love carbs–eating carbs gives us more energy to keep warm. Just make sure you’re eating complex carbs rather than bad carbs.

2. Wear fluffy socks

Keeping your feet warm can keep the rest of your body warm. Wearing fluffy socks will keep you feeling warm and toasty.

1. Cook at home

If you warm up the kitchen, you’ll warm up the whole house. Cooking meals instead of eating out will not only feel homely but also warm.