Winter Drumline Begins

Deana Brown, Author

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It’s that time of the year once more for the students of the SCH winter drumline to hold their first meeting to decide which students are playing what instruments and go over the cadences.

How many students are on each section of the drumline as of right now?   “As of the drumline now, there are 4 bass drummers,  3 snare drummers, 2 Tenor drummers, and 5 members of the pit.  The pit members consist of 3 mallet players and 2 crash cymbal players.  all together there are 19 members,”  Replies Dominick Caparotti.  What is the objective for this years drumline?  “The objective is to make the drumline more entertaining and fun.  Also to help teach the new members percussion instruments and see how well they like it.  Maybe we could get them to join the battery percussion for marching band next year.”

How many cadences are there going to be?  What are they called?  “We’re still in the process of selecting cadences, but all the ones from before -including Big Bertha Boogie and Ya Ya Yeet- will return and we bought some new ones.  Also, Kent, Dominick, and possibly me are writing some short ones.”  Said Zach Miller.  Will the drumline be doing indoor shows with other schools?  “Unfortunately, I’m not sure if we can arrange that so there won’t be any indoor shows.  We will be performing at the basketball games and band and orchestra concerts.”  Will there be snare auditions this year?  “We only do snare auditions depending on how many people want to play snare.  There’s only 3 people this year so we don’t have to do auditions.”  When will drumline end?  “Drumline ends at the last concert of the school year.  Until next January.”

The members of the drumline work hard to make the cadences enjoyable for the school.  The students of SC always love to see the drumline perform while walking around the school before the pep rallys and at the Football and Basketball games.