Snow Day Activities

Deana Brown, Author

It’s that time of the year again for sledding, snowball fights, and more fun winter activities!

Some fun outdoor activities and sports for the winter include ice skating, Snowboarding, skiing, curling, ice hockey, sledding, snowball fights, building igloos, building snowmen, making snow angels and ice fishing.  Fun indoor activities include making marshmallow structures, reading a book every week, learn card tricks, learn different types of magic tricks, water movies based around winter, play some games, pick up an instrument, or even try cooking.  Some delicious snacks to make for winter can be marshmallow snowmen,  coffee cookies with frosting, gingerbread cake, sugar cookies sandwiches, Christmas tree cupcakes, and the list can go on and on.  Explore your creativity this winter.

The Chronicles asked students of SC what they did on their snow days, here are some responses:

“On snow days I gain a break from the long, repetitive days of school and get the promise of sleep and laziness.  Only to realize that there are, again, things expected to be done.  Extra chores manifest out of the cold winter air, the constant nagging to do something productive and to vote Mason Hintermeister for class president.  However, this does not take up all of the time given from the glorious snow day, there is time to catch up on sleep lost.  IN short, on snow days I take the time I can to rest and recover.” -Kent Cochran

“I wake up as late as possible because I need as much sleep as possible because of sleep deprivation due to homework.  Then, I proceed to sneak my way into my kitchen and eat so much that I’m considered obese.  Finally, I got back to sleep because I have realized that I have no life.” -Alex Grodzicki

“Usually, I shovel my driveway, get the snow off my car, and once I’m done doing that, I either hang out with my friends or I play Xbox.” – Black Etzel

“I wake up naturally rather than an alarm clock and I sleep in longer, depending on what time it is.  At around 10  I’ll get up and make myself a big breakfast, normally something made with eggs.  After that, I will either play the PS4, or go outside until around lunch.  When I come in, I make hot cocoa.  Cocoa is a necessity on snow days.  I’ll play the piano or some other instrument for a while.  Then, I’ll take a warm shower and make even more cocoa.  Eventually as the sun sets, I am thoroughly satisfied and hope that I have more snow days off of school because school is not as good as snow.” – Abby Bevard

“I always sleep in as much as possible and then I go sledding with my sister.  Then, I drink hot chocolate and watch Netflix or catch up on homework.  I always wear sweatpants and fuzzy socks all day.” -Gwen Lillycrop