Pizza Hut Gives Free Pizza in a Time of Need

Deana Brown, Author

Rosie Waterland, Australian author of the book The Anti-Cool Girl, tweeted about her recent break up.   “Hello, I’m 31 and just got dumped via messenger and simultaneously blocked across all platforms so I couldn’t respond, high school-style.” The next day, she then posted another update.  “Got dumped and ghosted yesterday, and I am getting lash refills today which means I CANNOT CRY FOR 24 HOURS.  This is a genius life hack don’t @ me.”

All of her followers were giving her their sorrow and support.  One comment of which was from Pizza Hut saying “It’s ok @Rosiewaterland, pizza will always be there for you.  Thick and thin, in crust we trust.  Can you DM us so we can send you a little something?”  Rosie then shared a screenshot of he messages back and forth with pizza hut who wanted to send her free pizza on Friday.  She stated “I have never loved a social media publicity stunt more.  PIZZA IS MY PARTNER.”  Another user commented “Pizza is more dependable than any man.”  Other users had also tweeted about their breakups but it doesn’t seem like Pizza Hut extended their offer to any other brokenhearted users.

People have tweeted about the worst ways to get dumped and it seems as thought being broken up with through social media and then blocked on all other platforms so you cant respond is right up there with one of the top worst.  After a breakup, experts recommend that it is best to stay away from social media.  “If someone is struggling through a breakup and is fixated on their ex, staying actively engaged in the relationship through social media will make it harder to move forward and recovery will take longer,” Doctor Courtney Warren states.

While stalking you ex’s profile may not be great on the heart, tweeting about it may potentially have the ability to get you free pizza.  Pizza is both good for the stomach and the heart when it comes to emotional distress.