End of the Semester Memes!

Faith Hawkins, Author

The end of the semester is almost here, Thank god! So keep your chin up and enjoy these memes so you can get through the final week of the semester.

I know you might be feeling slightly nervous for finals but you can do it!

Trying to get all your missing assignments in and your grades up might be a challenge but it doesn’t compare to carrying a pot of chili.

You may even be feeling like this…

Procrastination will always catch up to you at the end of the semester.

I know you’re tired but just keep studying!

Yeah we all wish it was this easy…
I’m sure this will make you feel prepared and confident to take your final.

This is probably why your teacher laughed…

After all the stress I bet you’ll be looking at your grades like this.
And finally you’ll have made it to the end of the semester.
You have almost made it through the stressful homework, late night cramming, and of course the lack of sleep this semester had to offer. Let second semester begin!