Winter Spirit Week!

Faith Hawkins, Author

With the first winter dance or “Hoco 2.0” being held on January 26th this week students have been participating in this weeks winter spirit week. Tuesday was Dress Down Day, Wednesday was Well Dressed Day, Thursday was Winter Attire, and Friday was Black and Gold day. So, Let’s See what students wore to show their SC spirit.

Day 1, Senior Chris Kersey looks extra comfy in his Dress Down Day apparel. He wore sweatpants and a t-shirt to look as if he was lounging around his house.

Day 2, Freshman Elliot Goluke and Grace Herrington dress to impress while wearing jeans and nice shirt.

And,  juniors Zach Mcdonough and Nick Bloch really go all out while wearing suspenders and a tie.

Day 3, Senior Cam Werner, freshman Danny Caparotti, and Ryan Gallagher rock ski mask and hats to sport their winter apparel.

Day 4, juniors Paiton Abbot, Syd Hill, and sophomore Morgan Chamberlain wear black and gold to support SC basketball.

I hope all you all had a memorable and exciting spirit week. Thanks for showing us your South Carroll spirit!