The US withdraws troops as Turkey invades the Kurdish

Gray Moxley, author

First off, who are the Kurds? The Kurdish are an ethnic group of people native to the mountains of Western Asia, located in an area called Kurdistan. For years, the Kurds have supported and helped the US by fighting ISIS members and currently have about 10,000 ISIS members in their captivity.


Recently, Trump has decided to withdraw US soldiers when Turkey decided to invade Kurdistan. This comes from a campaign to remove soldiers from “ridiculous endless wars.” He also defended his decision by saying the Kurds had failed to fight with the US in WWII.


This decision will no doubt have negative impacts, one of which makes America seem untrustworthy. The Kurds have sacrificed many of their soldiers, having up to 11,000 deaths in their army.


America withdrawing their support now is viewed as a betrayal, and will not look good to other allies, and has already happened multiple times in the past. Additionally, as the Kurds have 10,000 ISIS fighters in their captivity, this can risk the return of ISIS as a major terrorist group.


Though, this does mean that US troops will not be harmed or injured, as Turkey notifies US commanders where bombs are being dropped so damage to them is mitigated.


The Kurds have a powerful army, but may not be able to hold off Turkey invasions for long. It’s hard to say what will happen in the future.