Unease in Hong Kong Escalates for Protesters

Gray Moxley, author

For the past 16 weeks in Hong Kong, there has been civil unrest which involves protests, riots, and political unease. 

The story behind theses riots is a long one but can be simply explained. Hong Kong was originally a British colony and was returned to China in 1997. However, Hong Kong was under a democracy, which Communist China did not allow. As a result, the ‘one country, two systems’ deal was created, so Hong Kong could continue to follow its own system, though this was only meant to last for 50 years. 


Following proposals to extradite Hong Kong to China, the protests started. The concern was the Hong Kong would lose its judicial independence. While the proposals were eventually dropped, the protests never stopped. Even by the time the bill was dropped, protests had started to become violent, and the police and citizens were having more and more clashes. 


Police have thrown tear gas, assaulted protesters, and fired rubber bullets at the protesters. But the protesters have vandalized the country’s parliament and assaulted opposers of the protests.  


Censorship in China and Hong Kong has only escalated, rapidly so in fact. Even Disney icon Winnie the Pooh has been banned for comments comparing him to China President Xi Jinping. 


Jimmy Sham is one of the prominent leaders of the protests, being the chairman of the pro-democracy group Civil Human Rights Front. Recently, was attacked with hammers by unknown assailants. Luckily, he survived the assault, needed stitches and still in pain, and speaking with his lawyer, as well as being thankful for the support during his stay. 


The protests are getting out of control, for both sides. On both sides, people on brutally attacked and possibly killed. Pro-democracy protesters are unwilling to be intimidated though, and it’s hard to tell who will abdicate first.