Humpback Whales make a comeback from the Endangered List

Gray Moxley, Author

A recent study of the humpback whale population found that levels have raised up to 25,000, or 93% of their pre-exploitation levels. The study was released by the Royal Society in 2018.

Before exploitation of the gentle species, population levels were around 27,000. But around the 18th century, where the population began to be devastated by whaling, a practice of killing whales for their oil, meat, or bone. By the 1950s, the population was estimated to be only among a few hundred. 

It is estimated that between the 18th and mid-20th century, up to 300,000 whales were killed by whalers. But with the efforts of animal conservation, the Humpbacks have not only made a comeback, but have been thriving.