Top 10 Movies of 2019

Gray Moxley, Author

2019 has had quite the movie roster. From record-breaking movies, to remakes of classics almost living up to their name, lets see some of the highlights!


Avengers End Game –

Probably one of the most hyped of movies of 2019, Endgame has certainly earned its place on the top 10 list. After the cliffhanger ending of Infinity War, we find our heroes 5 years after ‘the snap,’ trying in all their own ways to recover from the disaster. When the chance to bring their friends and family back. They decide to take the chance, and we finally reach the end of the first phase of the MCU after an absolutely enthralling final battle. This movie even broke box offices records with $2.789 billion dollars, beating Avatar, which had $2.79 billion.


Joker –

The most successful R-rated movie of all time, Joker has broken records and expectations. It’s even recently passed $1 billion in the box offices! We follow Arthur Fleck as he struggles to make do in a collapsing city. More and more, we watch as he spirals into madness and becomes the famous villain, Joker. It’s intense, fascinating, and truly brings the clown to life. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is surely to be considered a top tier performance.


Us –

After Jordan Peele’s Get Out, people were on the edge of their seats for his next movie. Us did not disappoint. While it is hard to follow, with strange messages about the ‘American Dream’ and material values, the story at its core is a thrilling horror.

Adelaide Wilson, our protagonist, goes on vacation with her family, only for things to go horribly wrong when doppelgangers of themselves invade their home. If you haven’t watched it, you should check it out, as the movie is quite the watch.


Toy Story 4 –

Everyone’s a kid at heart, and we all have a soft spot for Pixar’s Toy Story, the classic animated feature about the life of toys when we aren’t watching. After Toy Story 3 in 2013, it all seemed to come to a close, at least until the announcement of Toy Story 4.

In the new movie, all the toys are together again, at least until Woody gets lost with a new toy named Forky (literally just a fork with googly eyes and pipe cleaners, poor guy.) Woody finds a long-lost friend, Bo Peep, and obviously things spiral out of control. It added a new movie to the Toy Story series, and even became the 5th highest grossing animated movie of all time!


Shazam –

The DCU definitely pales in comparison to the MCU, with movies often doing poorly in boxes offices and gaining poor reviews from critics. But Shazam may have just broken that curse. The fun and hilarious movies follow the protagonist, Billie Batson, a troubled 14-year old foster child who is trying to find his mom. After a strange encounter with a mysterious man, he receives powers that allows him to transform into a grown man, receiving powers such as flight, electricity, and more.

The movie is an interesting break to the typical superhero formula, now focusing on a child, and even has an unconventional family theme, focusing on Billie’s relationship with his foster siblings and parents. It’s probably the best movie out of all DCU movies, and hopefully DC will continue its streak after its most recent movie, Aqua Man.


Detective Pikachu –

Video game movies are notoriously difficult to translate onto the screen. Practically all adaptations are considered failures, including the Super Mario Brothers movie from 1993 to the Assassin’s Creed movie in 2016. So, when Detective Pikachu was announced to come to the big screen, Pokémon fans were understandably nervous at the prospect. But, remarkably, the movie came out amazingly, with a twisting plot and beautiful visuals, Detective Pikachu serves as a hope for new video game adaptations.

The plot follows 21-year old Tim Goodman, who is trying to get to the bottom of his Father’s disappearance. When he finds out he can talk to Pokémon, he teams up with the wise-cracking Pikachu, played by actor Ryan Reynolds. Maybe Detective Pikachu marks the end of bad video game movies, only time, and Sonic the Hedgehog, can tell.


Midsommar –

Hereditary is considered one of the scariest horror movies in recent time, and it isn’t hard to tell why when watching the slow burn descent into madness. When the director announced a new movie, Midsommar, people were excited for a new horror and boy did it deliver.

The movie focuses on a couple visiting a friend for its midsummer festival, but what starts as an idyllic celebration slowly dissolves into a violent competition caused by the hands of a Pagan Cult. It seems like an odd plot line, but it certainly makes up for that with the twisting and turning of the mysterious it holds. Try to give it a watch, and maybe check out Hereditary as well!


Aladdin(2019) –

Disney has had a rash of live action remakes of their classics, and people either don’t care, or hate them. Sadly, for Disney, the Lion King remake didn’t quite get the attention they wanted. But another movie did catch the people’s eyes, and that move was Aladdin.

The original movie is a classic rags-to-riches story of an Arabian peasant, Aladdin, becoming a prince thanks to the help of a genie. Unfortunately, the late Robin Williams could not reprise his role as the genie, but Will Smith was able to give the character life, while staying to the fan favorite character. It may not compare to the original, but Aladdin is able to live up to its classic predecessor.



Godzilla: King of Monsters –

Looking back on the Godzilla franchise, it’s hard to imagine it amounting to much. With the giant monster dating back 50 years, he’s had quite the run. From the cheesy flicks, to the 3 attempted Godzilla remakes, he was really just a shadow of his former self. So, the King of Monsters had to make his big return. And, oh boy, was it wild.

Though the human plot is somewhat lackluster and cliché, we all really came to see this movie for its giant monster fights, and they were glorious. The story takes place after the events of the 2014 Godzilla remake, where a corporation called Monarch is trying to avoid another disaster like the Godzilla incident. However, their head scientist and her daughter are kidnapped, and an eco-terrorist organization has them awaken all the Kaiju’s around the world, wanting to return the world to its primitive stage, where the giant titans would walk the Earth. They awaken the Hydra, Ghidorah, and the mighty battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah(who, by the way, is from space) begins. Again, the plot is somewhat lacking, but if you want to see two giant monsters duke it out, this movie is a must-watch.


Tigers are Not Afraid –

Here’s a somewhat underrated movie you may or may not have heard of, Tigers are Not Afraid. The movie’s in Spanish but holds a premise that can really catch your attention. The horror/fairytale movie is directed by Issa López, and seems inspired by Guillermo Del Torro’s older films, especially Pan’s Labyrinth. For some reason, Google says it was made in 2017, though it was released in 2019.

The film centers on a group of orphan children in a city ravaged by Mexican cartel wars. The orphaned children each have 3 wishes and are constantly on the run from the ghosts of their old families who are haunting them, as well as the cartel who murdered their parents. It’s worth a watch, and you can find it on Amazon.



There are probably a lot more films that should be listed on here too, but let’s keep it at 10 for now. This was hard enough to write.