Cats Catastrophic Flop

Gray Moxley, Author

When the first Cats trailer was dropped, it was meet with immediate scrutiny. It, for lack of better words, resembled a fever dream. The nightmarish visuals of the cats was just… unnerving to look at. The best way to describe them would be ‘uncanny valley,’ meaning that the visual of humanoid things meant to resemble humans causes feelings of discomfort or disgust.


Cats is already a weird musical, being about a group of stray cats, who call themselves Jellicles, who are deciding who to chose to ascend to the ‘Heaviside Layer’ and come back to a new life. That is straight from the Wiki. The idea to bring Cats to the big screen has been around for a while, even Steven Spielberg’s animation studio creating concept art for a movie that never came to be. Unfortunately, we had to get the weirdest animation to get the famous musical to the movies.


As expected, Cats bombed at the box office. As of now, it’s expected to lose $70 million. Out of it’s $95 million budget. The movie bombed so hard that Universal Studios, the movies distributor, has removed Cats from it’s campaign for awards, seemingly disowning the movie. There were even some animation glitches, making the company temporarily pull the movie out of theaters to swap the movie out with a slightly updated version. According to movie managers, swapping a major theatrical release mid-run is unheard of. There was no other news of the movie being pulled out for good.