Meet The Freshmen

Taylor Pate, Author

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Every year a new set of students enter the 9th grade, and start their high school careers. They’re brand new to the school, and scared of what has in store for them. The news-site staff decided to interview a few freshman to get the input on how they’re feeling about their year so far. The first 9th grader interviewed was Morgan Henderson. When asked about her experience so far she said that “high school is a lot harder than middle school.” She also said that high school sports aren’t much different than rec team sports. The next student interviewed was Mattie McNally. Mattie said that high school “gives out a lot more tests, quizzes, classwork, and homework.” He does not miss middle school at all and is excited to see what high school has to offer him in the future. The last student interviewed was Niko Theologou. Niko is enjoying highschool (so far), and that it isn’t “as bad as” he thought. The only thing Niko doesn’t like is the less guidance he gets in classes compared to middle school.

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Meet The Freshmen