Senior Night Cheerleading

Julia Mager, Author

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Sadly its senior night for the varsity cheerleaders . Yet said but its definitely exciting to start a brand new chapter in their lives. I decided to interview all 6 seniors to see what they had to say about their last year of cheerleading.


Sara Brickey

When asked what will you miss the most about cheerleading Sara said she’s going to miss all her friends and interacting with them. Sara doesn’t plan on cheering in college and wants to make Winter Cheer the best season yet. To all the cheerleaders next year Sara wants everyone to know ” try your best and do everything you can to try and make South Carroll cheer name better than it was while I was there”. Best of luck to all the returning cheerleaders next year!!

Sarah Lasner

As long as Sarah Lasner can remember cheerleading has always played a huge role in her life. Its taught her lots of skills to become a leader and how to take other opinions when interacting as a team . She says she’s going to miss all the girls and being a family. The best part of cheerleading she experienced was when her sister was on the team with her. Sarah’s advice to all the cheerleaders is ” Stay close be a family and treat others with respect because it’ll impact you as a team”

Taylor Becker

Ever since Taylor joined the team everyone became so close just like a family. That’s what she’s going to miss the most seeing her best friends and telling them whatever’s on her mind. Being on the cheer team taught her a lot in and out of school. She said it built tons of confidence for her and she decided to go out for leader type roles in school and classes. Taylor advices ” No matter what or how hard it is come together as a team and keep positive.

Jamie Campiteeli

Jamie said she’s going to miss working with people on the team. It made her more confident and out going through the years. She says ” Keep going no matter what happens your going to have good days and bad days”

Juliana Capezzuto

Juliana is very sad cheerleading is coming to an end. Her best and most happiest experience is when the team is goofing around and playing games at practice. ” work hard, don’t stress and do whatcha gotta do!!”

Emily Gamber

Emily loves competing with her friends because they are so close like a family. She will mostly miss hanging out with her friends as the season comes to an end. The best thing to remember Emily says ” Have fun and keep smiling”.

The cheerleaders wishes all the seniors the best of luck in the future. You’ll be missed very much!!!

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Senior Night Cheerleading