Halloween Movie picks!

October 14, 2019

Not everyone can handle something scary like It or Annabelle. Here are some Halloween movies that won't scare the daylights out of you!

Measles Outbreak

Sophia Acuna, Author

January 31, 2019

There have been at least 35 confirmed cases of measles in Washington, and the number is growing. Measles is a highly contagious disease--anyone exposed to it has a 90% chance of catching it if they're not immunized--with symptoms...

Broadway Star Carol Channing Has Died at 97

David Nicely, Author

January 18, 2019

Carol Channing, who worked into her nineties in theater, film, and TV, died Tuesday morning at age 97. Channing died of natural causes in Rancho Mirage, California, and according to publicist B. Harlan Boll, the entertainer had...

Plant Sprouts but Fails to Grow on Moon

Sophia Acuna, Author

January 18, 2019

The good news is a plant has successfully sprouted on the moon for the first time ever. The bad news is it died after nine days. China sent a lunar lander to the moon on January 3. The lunar lander had a special container with...

Everything You Need to Know About The Government Shutdown

Amanda Swank, Editor-in-Chief

January 15, 2019

Over the past four decades, there have been 20 U.S. government shutdowns, and they're becoming more and more common. Here are some facts you need to know about the most recent one. 1. What causes a government shutdown? According to the U.S. Cons...

10 Ways to Stay Warm in Winter

Sophia Acuna, Author

January 11, 2019

It's January, which means that we're well into winter. It's hard to stay warm in such cold weather, especially if you're waiting for the school bus early in the morning or stuck in a class with no heating for an hour and a half....

Tiny, But Life – Changing, Things To Try In 2019

David Nicely, Author

January 9, 2019

These tips and tricks might make your life a little easier in the New Year.       1). According to sleep experts, waking up at the same time every day — yes, even on weekends — will help you sleep be...

Snow Storm Leads to Canceled Flights and Power Outages

Sophia Acuna, Author

December 14, 2018

A snowstorm that hit the southeastern United States has led to hundreds of canceled flights and thousands of power outages. North Carolina was hit the hardest, with about 144,00 households left in the dark without power. Without...

Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu Season

David Nicely, Author

November 27, 2018

Are you dreading getting sick this winter? Most students are. People who are exposed to germs every day... doctors, flight attendants and teachers know a thing or two about how to stay healthy when everyone around them is sick. ...

Chicago Hospital Shooting

David Nicely, Author

November 20, 2018

Three people were shot dead at a Chicago hospital on Monday afternoon. Of the three was the gunman's former fiancé. Also killed were police officer Samuel Jimenez and Dayna Less, 25, a first-year pharmacy resident. Speaking on the media Mon...

Fake News: What Is It & How To Spot It

Amanda Swank, Editor-in-Chief

November 19, 2018

You've probably heard the term "fake news", a term that has since blown up, especially in politics. But what exactly constitutes false journalism and how does that affect the way that Americans interpret media? From that fak...

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